Slovenia – A Self Guided Way of Exploring

Slovenia is a beautiful country. It is so small in scale that it easily hides in the company of big European countries and that is exactly why it is less known, more mysterious and thus more interesting. It is also attractive due to the unspoiled nature, which one can see at every step of the way – the environment is so basic and refreshing that it is simply addictive. Magical Alpine valleys, pointy hilltops of the Julian Alps, emerald colored and clear waters of the rivers and lakes into which one can freely jump and refresh. There is also the Karst region, which is one of a kind due to its various caves and Karst phenomena. A country with only two million of heartfelt people. A country with marvelous, fertile land on the east and a perfect scent of the Mediterranean on the west. Two million – not a large number of people – maybe comparable of one European city. Slovenians are relatively open and hard working people, a bit peculiar with its own ways, which is a characteristic found in small nations. Ljubljana, the green capital of Europe, is the largest city in Slovenia and also a city where the streets become alive at night.

Slovenia is a unique destination for a self-guided way of exploring and traveling. It is a great destination for people who prefer an active experience – the best and most excellent experience in the time that is available. A self-guided way of exploring Slovenia is appropriate due to its small size and big variability. Actually, Slovenia is a paradise for travelers, who wish to have an orderly and well organized holiday, full of excellent impressions, but not in groups and with masses of people. It is for all new age explorers, who believe in the pristine contact and who look also in the directions where others don’t, who love to become one with what nature has to offer and find pleasure with getting to know true wonders of the land and local people.

We are also aware of the natural resources and the beauties of our land. That is why we have taken self-guided traveling seriously quite some time ago and thus matured into a trustworthy partner, who is there for you throughout your travel. Hundreds of satisfied customers, our friends today, are the thing we can be most proud of. We are of-course also proud of our programs, which we have constructed with care and enthusiasm, like we would be creating for our own wishes and needs. At last but not least, we are proud of our people on the field and of those in the offices, who are dedicated to the business, do their best and are the true backbone to your travel.