Croatia is great place for adventure holidays

Croatia is rich in terms of landscape, culture and history. that is why you will always experience unexpected discoveries on your way. For many people a summer vacation means one thing – the beach. if you are determined beach-hunters, you will come to the right place . Croatia is also a great place for adventure holidays and also self guided exploring.

Nestling between the Alps, the Pannonian Plain and the Adriatic Sea, in the south-eastern part of the European continent, Croatia jealously protects eight national parks, ten nature parks and a whole range of special reserves, including plant life, animals, geological formations…

Croatia’s amazing landscape enables various possibilities for activities. You can find hundreds of sparkling waterfalls and more than a thousand islands where you can sea-kayak or sail. You will enjoy canyoning, rafting or kayaking in the green mountain rivers, in its rapids and impressive canyons. After a few challenging activities you can hike in the karst and mellow plains, through many paths running between rivers, mountain peaks, tiny island ports and beaches, leading to Illyrian hill forts, to Roman ruins, to towns and cities that are themselves monuments, to ethno-entities of popular architecture.