Juliana Walking Trail – Hiking Bled to Tolmin, Slovenia

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Juliana Walking Trail is long distance hiking trail around Julian Alps, Slovenia. It is 270 km long but you will hiked in seven sections between famous Bled and Tolmin. It connects alpine valleys, pastures and other places in the Julian Alps. Along the trail you will discover the rich cultural and historical heritage and the culinary tradition, learn about the architectural features and discover unknown and hidden corners of this diverse alpine landscape.

It is easy, put on your hiking shoes and explore the treasure trove of natural beauty in the Julian Alps. Experience the Julian Alps and you will get to love this exceptional nature area.

Juliana Walking Trail Launch, September 2019. 


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All about the Juliana Walking Trail – Hiking Bled to Tolmin, Slovenia.

From September 2019.


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

From September 2019.

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

From September 2019.

Hiking boots are an essential part of equipment. Boots must be appropriate for rocky terrain, with a good grip and light as well as waterproof (especially in case there is still snow on the mountains). It is important that the shoes are comfortable and worn in (not brand new – in order to avoid blisters).

Most meals and drinks have regular prices, but water, soft drinks and beer are more expensive than in the valleys.

Here are some examples:

Coffee – 2 eur / 1,5l bottled water – 4,40 eur / Beer – 4 eur

Goulash – 8 eur / Veggie/meat stew – 6 eur / Sandwich – 4,50 eur

Please note that the huts don’t accept credit card payments! Cash only.


Most huts unfortunately don’t offer showers.

Here is a list of what is good to have for a climb in summer months:

  • Shoes – walking boots (preferably with ankle support).
  • Socks – warm, coolmax.
  • Jacket – warm, wind & waterproof.
  • Trousers – long.
  • Shirt or active underwear – good evaporation and warm.
  • Mid – layer – warm (fleece).
  • Warm hat, gloves – wool or fleece.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip salve.
  • Rucksack – light, easy to fold, strong material, adjustable straps.
  • Hiking poles.
  • Food and drinks: fruit, sandwiches, energy bars and a sufficient amount of water/drinks.

We suggest that you travel with a comprehensive travel insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation protection so that you will be covered in the event that you are unable to attend our trip (due to injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances). We do not provide travel insurance for our clients. Please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance. As coverage and a price of the insurance changes depending on your travel destination, do make sure that you purchase a coverage for all countries you will be traveling in on your adventure.

Never underestimate extreme and unpredictable mountain weather. Come prepared for any weather conditions. Keep in mind that you will spend your days high in the mountains. Even on hottest summer days, the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Thunderstorms are relatively common in July and August. They develop rather quickly, but usually build up in the late afternoons and evenings, so it is best to start hikes early in the morning.

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