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Juliana Walking Trail – Full Loop


Juliana Walking Trail is a long distance hiking trail around the Julian Alps, Slovenia. Full loop is 270 km long and you will hike it in 15 sections (stages) around the Julian Alps. It connects Alpine valleys and pastures as well as other areas in the Julian Alps. Along the trail you will discover rich cultural and historical heritage as well as local, traditional culinary, learn about local architectural features and discover unknown, hidden corners of this diverse Alpine landscape. Explore the world of the Julian Alps on your own. 


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All about the Juliana Walking Trail – Full Loop.

15-day walking tour in the Julian Alps, taking in the breathtaking scenery of Lake Bled, Bohinj Lake and majestic mountain peaks above the Pokljuka Plateau, Soca Valley and Sava river valley. The Juliana Trail takes you through remote villages and settlements in a 270-kilometres loop around the Slovenia’s stunning Julian Alps.

Slovenians proudly say that they live on the »Sunny side of the Alps« and one can easily see that the saying is true. Julian Alps stretch in the north western corner of Slovenia, bordering Austria and Italy. They offer numerous easy, moderate or difficult trails for hiking and walking enthusiasts. The Juliana Walking Trail circles the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park. It's one of the best trails, which connects people with nature, history, tradition and different kinds of culinary. From almost every part of the trail, hikers are inspired by the wonderful views of the highest peaks of Slovenia.

“The Juliana Trail won’t be the most challenging hike you’ve ever done, but you won’t find an experience quite like it anywhere else.” - Owen Clarke, Outside Magazine

It's easy, put on your hiking shoes and explore the treasure trove of natural beauty in the Julian Alps. Experience the Julian Alps and you will get to love this exceptional nature area. Explore the world of the Julian Alps on your own. 


  • Experience breathtaking scenery of Julian Alps.
  • Explore Triglav National Park.
  • Visit the picturesque towns of Bled, Bohinj, Tolmin, Most na Soči, ... on foot.
  • Enjoy Lake Bled and Bohinj Lake.
  • Explore beautiful Pokljuka plateau with amazing Alpine pastures.
  • Enjoy rich gourmet region with traditional flavours.
  • Everything you love about the real outdoor journey.


  • Duration: 15 days/14 nights.
  • Activity: Self guided walking.
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate.
  • Distance: 269,8 km
  • Ascent: +7.132 m
  • Descent: -7.150 m
  • Accommodation: Local pensions*** and private apartments or Hotels***.
  • Date: From April 15th to November 15th.
  • Booking: Any day of the week.
  • Start of the tour: Arrival city is Bled, Kranjska Gora or Bohinj.


Note: This walking tour includes Juliana's full circle - 15 walking stages. You can decide and walk shorter stages of Juliana Trail. In this case, you can choose shorter trails (4-6 stages per tour) below.

Juliana Trail from Kranjska Gora to Bled (4 stages)  >>

Juliana Trail from Bled to Tolmin (6 stages) >>

Juliana Trail from Tolmin to Kranjska Gora (5 stages)  >>



The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Full organisation of the tour.
  • Introductory briefing on day 1 (Bled, Kranjska Gora or Bohinj).
  • Booklet with detailed itinerary and route instructions, vouchers, contact numbers, ...
  • Maps with marked routes.
  • GPS marked route.
  • Emergency contact number and 24/7 support.
  • 14 nights with breakfast in private apartments and small hotels.
  • Tourist tax and VAT.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Travel to the start and from the end point of the tour.
  • Food and drinks: lunch and dinner on all days.
  • Main travel luggage transfer between towns - you carry all your walking gear in backpack from days 1-15.
  • Items of personal nature.
  • Travel Insurance.



  • High season supplement (July 1st–August 30th): 200 €/person.
  • Single supplement: 560 €.
  • Luggage transfer (day-to-day, max. 20kg/person): 800 €/group.
  • Three main luggage transfers between towns (3 transfers; every 4 days): 390 €/group.
  • Pre- or post-tour accommodation in Kranjska Gora (B&B): 80 €/person (twin-share basis).
  • Storage of main luggage for the duration of the tour: 20 €/group.
  1. Day 1 / Stage 1 Walking from Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana

    The stage leads you along the Sava Dolinka Valley and partially on the edges of the Karavanke mountain range, and connects the winter and summer tourist centre of Kranjska Gora with Mojstrana, which is located at the entry to the valley of Vrata.

    Stage 1:

    • Walking from Kranjska Gora to Mojstrana.
    • Distance: 18.2 km
    • Duration: 5-6 hours
    • Ascent: 275 m
    • Descent: 448 m

    Optional: Afternoon walk or cycle to Peričnik Waterfall in Vrata Valley.

  2. Day 2 / Stage 2 Walking from Mojstrana to Jesenice

    The stage runs from Mojstrana through Dovje and the foothills of the Karavanke to the ironworks city of Jesenice. In the last section, the trail runs along an ancient mining trail.

    Stage 2:

    • Walking from Mojstrana to Jesenice
    • Distance: 20.6 km
    • Duration: 4-5 hours
    • Ascent: 690 m
    • Descent: 785 m
  3. Day 3 / Stage 3 Walking from Jesenice to Begunje

    The stage starts in the ironworks city of Jesenice, over Dobraško polje and over the Sava Dolinka River to the villages beneath Stol, where the attractions are mostly based on culture and beekeeping products. The stage ends in Begunje.

    Stage 3:

    • Walking from Jesenice to Begunje na Gorenjskem
    • Distance: 16.7 km
    • Duration: 4-5 hours
    • Ascent: 464 m
    • Descent: 460 m
  4. Day 4 / Stage 4 Walking from Begunje to Bled

    A flat stage that connects Begunje, a village below the Karavanke mountains, Radovljica, the cultural capital of the Julian Alps, and Bled as one of the most recognised places at the eastern entry area to the Julian Alps. The stage runs from Begunje to Radovljica and to the shore of Lake Bled.

    Stage 4:

    • Walking from Begunje na Gorenjskem to Bled (Lake Bled)
    • Distance: 15.1 km
    • Duration: 3-4 hours
    • Ascent: 95 m
    • Descent: 160 m
  5. Day 5 / Stage 5 Walking from Bled to Pokljuka Plateau

    The stage starts at Lake Bled and continues through Gorje, the Pokljuka Gorge and a few steep ascents over Kranjska planina Pasture and Planina Javornik Pasture in the heart of the Pokljuka Plateau, and ends in Goreljek

    Stage 5:

    • Walking from Bled to Pokljuka Plateau.
    • Distance: 21 km
    • Duration: 6-7 hours
    • Ascent: 866 m
    • Descent: 95 m
  6. Day 6 / Stage 6 Walking from Pokljuka Plateau to Bohinj Lake

    The stage runs through the forests and pastures of Pokljuka, and descends to Gorjuše, Koprivnik and Jereka in the Upper Bohinj Valley. From there, the trail continues through Češnjica, Srednja vas and Studor to Stara Fužina and Bohinj Lake.

    Stage 6:

    • Walking from Pokljuka Plateau to Bohinj Lake.
    • Distance: 22 km
    • Duration: 4-5 hours
    • Ascent: 315 m
    • Descent: 1038 m
  7. Day 7 / Stage 7 Walking from Bohinj Lake to Bohinjska Bistrica

    A short stage of the trail runs from Stara Fužina, Ribčev Laz near Lake Bohinj on unpaved roads and paths across the panoramic Dobrava meadows to Bohinjska Bistrica, which is the administrative centre of Bohinj.

    Stage 7:

    • Walking from Bohinj Lake to Bohinjska Bistrica.
    • Distance: 11km
    • Duration: 2-3 hours
    • Ascent: 105 m
    • Descent: 152 m
  8. Day 8 / Stage 8 Walking from Bohinjska Bistrica to Podbrdo

    Walking trail stage from Bohinjska Bistrica to Podbrdo runs across the Vrh Bače pass.

    Stage 8:

    • Walking from Bohinjska Bistrica to Podbrdo.
    • Distance: 13.7 km
    • Duration: 7-8.5 hours
    • Ascent: 770 m
    • Descent: 785 m


  9. Day 9 / Stage 9 Walking from Podbrdo to Grahovo ob Boči

    The stage takes us through the sunny and magical alpine villages high above Baška grapa, hidden to the majority of visitors travelling along the road and the railway in the lower part of the valley.

    Stage 9:

    • Walking from Podbrdo to Grahovo ob Bači.
    • Distance: 17.2 km
    • Duration: 5-6 hours
    • Ascent: 1110 m
    • Descent: 1208 m
  10. Day 10 / Stage 10 Walking from Grahovo ob Boči to Tolmin

    This stage takes us above and through the lower part of Baška grapa across the panoramic Senica to the Soča Valley, and ends in the picturesque Most na Soči. On the end there is a short and panoramic walk from Most na Soči to Tolmin along the green accumulation lake.

    Stage 10:

    • Walking from Grahovo ob Bači to Tolmin.
    • Distance: 20.2 km
    • Duration: 6-7 hours
    • Ascent: 856 m
    • Descent: 969 m
  11. Day 11 / Stage 11 Walking from Tolmin to Kobarid

    The stage from Tolmin to Kobarid is quite flat and runs in the valley. The entire stage is hiked – as local people say – along the sunny side of the Soča River, through the pleasant villages to the historical Kobarid.

    Stage 11:

    • Walking from Tolmin to Kobarid.
    • Distance: 16.1 km
    • Duration: 3-4 hours
    • Ascent: 126 m
    • Descent: 78 m
  12. Day 12 / Stage 12 Walking from Kobarid to Bovec

    The stage runs through the gorge of Kobarid and Trnovo, along the Soča River, i.e. in the part where the river is most picturesque and wild.

    Stage 12:

    • Walking from Kobarid to Bovec.
    • Distance: 20.4 km
    • Duration: 6-7 hours
    • Ascent: 412 m
    • Descent: 198 m
  13. Day 13 / Stage 13 Walking from Bovec to Log pod Mangartom

    his is a picturesque trail stage that runs past the remains of WWI to Log pod Mangartom, one of the most beautiful villages of the Juliana Hiking Trail.

    Stage 13:

    • Walking from Bovec to Log pod Mangartom.
    • Distance: 11.3 km
    • Duration: 3-4 hours
    • Ascent: 340 m
    • Descent: 151 m
  14. Day 14 / Stage 14 Walking from Log pod Mangartom to

    This is the highest ascent on the Primorska side of Juliana – from Log pod Mangartom we make approximately 600 metres in altitude to Predil Pass and enter Italy.

    Stage 14:

    • Walking from Log pod Mangartom to Tarvisio (Italy)
    • Distance: 17.6 km
    • Duration: 4-5.5 hours
    • Ascent: 664 m
    • Descent: 558 m
  15. Day 15 / Stage 15 Walking from Tarvisio (Italy) to Kranjska Gora

    The stage starts in the centre of  Travisio (Italy). The route runs past small villages to asphalt cycling route Tarvisio – Kranjska Gora, which takes us to the winter and summer tourist centre of Kranjska Gora, and continues past the Planica and Tamar Valley with the Nordic centres, past the spring of the Sava Dolinka River (Zelenci) ...

    Stage 15:

    • Walking from Tarvisio (Italy) to Kranjska Gora.
    • Distance: 19 km
    • Duration: 4-5.5 hours
    • Ascent: 181 m
    • Descent: 129 m
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Day 1: Accommodation in Mojstrana, B&B
Day 2: Accommodation in Jesenice, B&B
Day 3: Accommodation in Radovljica, B&B
Day 4: Accommodation in Bled, B&B
Day 5: Accommodation in Pokljuka, B&B
Day 6: Accommodation in Bohinjsko jezero, B&B
Day 7: Accommodation in Bohinjska Bistrica, B&B
Day 8: Accommodation in Podbrdo, B&B
Day 9: Accommodation in Grahovo ob Bači, B&B
Day 10: Accommodation in Tolmin, B&B
Day 11: Accommodation in Kobarid, B&B
Day 12: Accommodation in Bovec, B&B
Day 13: Accommodation in Log pod Mangartom, B&B
Day 14: Accommodation in Tarvisio, B&B


Hotel upgrade is possible on 11 out of 14 nights.

Never underestimate extreme and unpredictable mountain weather. Come prepared for any weather conditions. Keep in mind that you will spend your days near the high mountains. Even on hottest summer days, the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Thunderstorms are relatively common in July and August. They develop rather quickly, but usually build up in the late afternoons and evenings, so it is best to start hikes early in the morning.

The season for walking in the Julian Alps is from may through October. Summer weather in the mountains is quite cool; when it’s pushing 30°C on the Slovenian plains, it may be just 10°C above 1200 meters. Weather on the mountain is highly variable, bringing unexpected wind, rain and even snow (November, april).

The Juliana Trail, a 270 km-long circular long-distance trail, leading you under the high peaks and inviting you to explore them. The trail is divided into 15 stages, with each of them roughly 16.5-17.5 km in length. The trail covers a total of 7188 metres of altitude difference, but its terrain is mostly flat or with easy to moderate uphill.

The Juliana walk is considered a easy to moderate walking activity. Although certain parts of a trail may seem easy due to low incline, they do demand moderate level of endurance and can be not easy for those, who are not used to longer hikes.

Here is a list of what is good to have for a walking Juliana trail in summer months:

  • Shoes –  hiking boots.
  • Socks – coolmax.
  • Jacket – wind & waterproof, softshell.
  • Long and short, comfortable pants.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, any other sun protection.
  • Water bottle (preferably reusable) not bigger than 1 litre (1,5l)
  • Food - snacks, granola bars, chocolate (optional - can be bought at villages, cities).
  • Backpack – lightweight, strong and durable material, adjustable straps (size: approximately 30-45l).
  • Hiking poles (optional).
Overall Rating
Christine H.
Reviewed On 03/02/2020

The Juliana trail was extremely well planned, and one which we would highly recommend. Everyday (selected 5 stages of the trail) was completely different, with a variety of local food, culture and history. The country accommodation was unique.