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Slovenia Gravel Biking | Hut-to-Hut Bikepacking


10-day gravel bike tour - hut-to-hut bikepacking - from the eastern part of Slovenia to Ljubljana via Alps and green valleys. An amazing gravel biking experience on the beautiful northern part of Slovenia with rides on nice gravel roads, trails, distant roads, ... with untouched nature surpluses. True charm gravel biking of the Slovenian Alps.


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      Cycling, MTB/Gravel
    • Activity Level Challenging
    • Group Size Small Group
    All about the Slovenia Gravel Biking | Hut-to-Hut Bikepacking.

    10-day gravel bike adventure tour - hut-to-hut bikepacking style - from the eastern part of Slovenia to Ljubljana via Alps, green valleys and emerald coloured rivers. An amazing gravel biking experience on the beautiful northern part of Slovenia with rides on nice gravel roads, trails, distant roads, ... with untouched nature surpluses.

    This great Slovenian gravel bike tour is all about exploring places less traveled, via single track trails, gravel and abandoned dirt roads, carrying only essential gear with you. It's a tour in the northern part of Slovenia and a combination of gravel biking and simple-local accommodation. The tour is characterized by generally gentle single tracks through mid-elevation meadows and open alpine areas surrounded by high mountain peaks and emerald coloured and clean mountain rivers. This hut-to-hut bikepacking route connects many of the best, most continuously rideable gravel roads, with some quiet dirt roads riding close the northern Slovenian loop.

    Each day of this sensational gravel bike tour -bikepacking will inspire your sense of adventure. Gravel Bike Slovenia is much more than just a usually bike tour. We have designed your perfect gravel cycling experience that combines great riding and exploring everything you love about the journey.


    • Breathtaking scenery of the Slovenian Alps.
    • Explore Triglav National Park.
    • Enjoy picturesque Soča Valley - Emerald Valley.
    • Cycling along Soča Valley on the beautiful and natural bike trails.
    • Discover beautiful Pohorje (eastern part) and amazing Logarska Valley.
    • Stay in small, charming hotels and mountain huts.
    • Enjoy rich gourmet region with traditional flavours.
    • Enjoy riding on rideable trails, distant gravel roads.


    • Duration: 10 days / 9 nights.
    • Activity: Gravel Biking Adventure / Hut-to-Hut Bikepacking.
    • Length: 526 km / Elevation: Climb - 15.930 m / Descent: 17.185 m
    • Grade: Moderate to Challenging.
    • Accommodation: Small hotels*** and Mountain huts.
    • Date: From May 15th to October 15th.
    • Booking: Any day of the week.
    • Start of the tour: Arrival city is Ljubljana or Maribor.
    • End of the tour: Ljubljana.
    • Note: This bike tour involves riding through remote and rugged terrain that can be hard to reach for our support and help at all times.

    What is bikepacking?

    When you take the best parts of mountain biking and the best parts of backpacking and put them together, you get BIKEpacking. Ride, stay in simple accommodation or camp, repeat. Unlike our classic bike touring, bikepacking is done primarily off-road on trails and mixed terrain with gravel bike. During the usual bikepacking, one sleeps in a tent out in the open air, but we adjusted the gravel bike tour and included intermediate-simple-family run and mountain huts accommodations.

    Want to do a private guided group? We can organise Slovenia gravel bike tour - hut-to-hut Backpacking style - private guide group for 4 bikers or more with our experienced and licensed guides. Please, contact us.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
    • Full organisation of the mountain biking tour.
    • Introductory briefing in Ljubljana on day 1 (morning) and transfer to starting point of the tour
    • Gps routes/tracks (all stages).
    • APP for navigation (login with phone or tablet).
    • Emergency contact number and 24/7 support.
    • 9 nights in small hotels, private accommodations and mountain huts, with breakfast.
    • Main luggage transfer to end of the tour (Ljubljana)
    • Tourist tax and VAT.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
    • Travel to Slovenia (the start point of the tour)
    • Food and drinks: all food and drinks, except breakfast at the accommodation
    • Items of personal nature
    • Travel Insurance
    • Bike rental


    • High season surcharge: 190€ (June 15th to September 15th)


    Optional extras:

    • * Bike rental: Trek Checkpoint Garvel: 40€/day
    • Rental Ortlieb waterproof frame pack, seat pack, handlebar pack, gravel bags for luggage: 60€
    • Single supplement: 320€
    • Garmin GPS device rental: 50€ 

    * bike rental includes: bike rental with helmet, simple rain cover jackets, lock, pump, spare tube, Squirt chain lube and repair kit.

    1. Day 1 Ruška Koča - Slovenj Gradec
      • Early morning introductory meeting in Ljubljana and a private transfer to Maribor - Pohorje / 1,5-2h.
      • Gravel riding from Ruška koča (Pohorje) to Slovenj Gradec.
      • Accommodation in a small and charming Farmhouse***, Slovenj Gradec.
      • 74 km / C-1541 m, D-2335 m / 6-7h / gravel 95%, tarmac 5%
    2. Day 2 Slovenj Gradec - Peca Hut
      • Breakfast at the farmhouse.
      • Gravel cycling from Slovenj Gradec to Peca Hut.
      • Accommodation in Mountain Hut***, Peca.
      • 50 km / C-1950 m, D-1240 m / 6-7 H / gravel 90%, tarmac 10%.
    3. Day 3 Peca Hut - Logarska dolina
      • Breakfast in the mountain hut.
      • Gravel riding from Peca Hut to Logarska Valley.
      • Mountain Hut or Local farmhouse, Logarska Valley.
      • 48 km / C-1570 m, D-2200 m / 5-6h / gravel 80%, tarmac 20%.
    4. Day 4 Logarska Valley - Kofce
      • Breakfast in hotel.
      • Gravel riding from Logarska Valley to Kofce Mountain / Šija.
      • Accommodation in Taborniški Dom on Šija ** (Mountain Hut).
      • 66 km / C-2100 m, D-1950 m / 6-7h / gravel 65%, tarmac 25%.
    5. Day 5 Kofce - Kranjska Gora
      • Breakfast in the mountain hut.
      • Gravel riding from Mt Šija via Zelenica, Valvasor Hut, Mojstrana to Kranjska Gora.
      • Accommodation in Mountain Hut near Vršič pass
      • 69 km / C-1980m, D-2165 m / 6-7h / gravel 70%, tarmac 30%.
    6. Day 6 Kranjska Gora - Bovec
      • Breakfast in hotel.
      • Gravel riding from Kranjska Gora to Bovec via Vršič Mountain Pass (1611m).
      • Accommodation at the Hotel in Bovec
      • 48.5 km / C-1250 m, D-1380 m / 5-6h / gravel 40%, tarmac 60%.
    7. Day 7 Bovec - Tolmin
      • Breakfast in hotel.
      • Gravel cycling from Bovec to Tolmin via Kobariški stol.
      • Accommodation in Mountain hut (above Tolmin).
      • 58.5 km / C-1450 m, D-1180 m / 6-7h / gravel 55%, tarmac 45%.
    8. Day 8 Tolmin - Cerkno - Zakojca
      • Breakfast in hotel.
      • Gravel riding from Tolmin to Cerkno.
      • Accommodation in a Farmhouse ***, Zakojca.
      • 32 km / C-1160 m, D-660 m / 5-6h / gravel 30%, tarmac 70%.
    9. Day 9 Cerkno (Zakojca) - Ljubljana
      • Breakfast in farmhouse.
      • Gravel riding from Cerkno (Zakojca) to Ljubljana via Škofja Loka.
      • Accommodation in hotel***, Ljubljana.
      • 83 km / C-2600 m, D-2195 m / 7-8h / gravel 65%, tarmac 25%.
    3/4* Accommodations

    Accommodation is in 3/4* hotels, mountain huts and tourist farm:

    Day 1: Mountain Hut / Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 2: Farmhouse stay /Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 3: 4* Hotel in Logarska Valley /Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 4: Mountain Hut /Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 5: 4* Hotel in Kranjska Gora / Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 6: 4* Hotel in Bovec / Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 7: 3* Hotel in Tolmin / Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 8: Farmhouse stay / Double room with breakfast and dinner.

    Day 9: 3* Hotel in Ljubljana / Double room with breakfast.



    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    4* AccommodationsFamily run Hotel in Logarska Valley

    3* AccommodationsFamily run Hotel in Bovec

    Trek Gravel bike Checkpoint ALR 4 and Trek Checkpoint AL 3


    We are specialists for self guided and guided biking - cycling tours and camps throughout Croatia and Slovenia, with creative itineraries that feature the best of each region at the greatest possible value to you. With over 20 years of experience, we know all the secrets of biking tours. We are passionate cyclists, mountain bikers and gravel bikers. We made quite a few bikepacking and gravel bike tours around the Balkans.

    • Shoes –  sneakers or any appropriate shoes for biking.
    • Jacket – warm, wind & waterproof, softshell.
    • Comfortable clothes.
    • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, any other sun protection.
    • Water bottle (preferably reusable).
    • First aid (a small basic kit with items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, antibacterial ointment, sterile pads).
    • The tour is considered to be moderate to challenging level of difficulty. There is an average of 50-65 kilometres of gravel biking each day with some ascends and descends and some more challenging parts. A good physical condition is essential.
    • Due to the nature of the activity, this program is not recommended for children younger than 18 years and pregnant women.
    • All minors must be accompanied by an adult, who is either their parent or a legal guardian. 
    • This bike tour involves riding through remote and rugged terrain that can be hard to reach for our support and help at all times.
    • Breakfasts and dinners are included at every accommodation. 
    • We advise that you to start your daily trips early in the morning to allow yourself enough time to stop often and enjoy the scenery! And to escape the hot summer sun!
    • As the weather can change quickly, do not forget to bring your rain-covers and a change of extra dry clothes. 
    • All customers are required to notify us before booking the tour of  any medical conditions, as well as dietary restrictions. All medications can and should be brought to all daily biking tours. If you suffer from any medical conditions, we strongly suggest that you consult your physician before booking a tour to receive an expert medical advice. We are more than happy to discuss and recommend the most suitable adventure for you, based on your conditions, but cannot ultimately be responsible for your health.

    We suggest that you travel with a comprehensive travel insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation protection so that you will be covered in the event that you are unable to attend our trip (due to injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances). We do not provide travel insurance for our clients. Please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance. As coverage and price of the insurance changes depending on your travel destination, do make sure that you purchase a coverage for all countries you will be traveling in during your adventure.

    We include bike hire in the overall cost of the tour. You don’t need to bring your own or pay extra to hire one locally.

    We provide full bike set: a pump, lock, Topeak tool, spare inner tube and tire levers. Helmet, brand new reusable water bottle (0.5l / 0.7l), simple rain cover jackets, Squirt chain lube, lock, pump ...

    We provide full Ortlieb gravel bike set - waterproof frame pack, seat pack, handlebar pack, gravel bags for luggage.

    Overall Rating
    D. Bowler
    Reviewed On 08/11/2019

    Overall it was an amazing trip. Slovenia is a beautiful country and cycling through it gave us the opportunity to see it in more detail. The rides covered some breathtaking scenery and we'd highly recommend it. Thanks very much for all your assistance.