Julian Alps Traverse – Hut-to-hut Trekking in Slovenia


Walking holidays in Slovenia with 6 days of hut-to-hut trekking in the famous Julian Alps. The Julian Alps Traverse is one of the most spectacular trekking in Europe. The Julian Alps are considered as one of the most beautiful and best mountain destination for hiking and multi-days trekking tours. They are are magical, unique and seductively beautiful. It is an unspoiled mountain world of high peaks, sharp ridges and mountain lakes. The Julian Alps with Julian Alps Trvaverse are a “must do” – at least once in a life time.

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All about the Julian Alps Traverse – Hut-to-hut Trekking in Slovenia.

8-day active walking holidays in Slovenia with 6 days of hut to hut trekking in the Julian Alps. The Julian Alps Traverse is one of the most spectacular treks in Europe. 

Hike among breathtaking mountain scenery on the flanks and valleys of Mount Triglav, with views of some of the most dramatic peaks in the Julian Alps. On this trekking experience you will enjoy the fresh Slovenian air as you trek the Julian Alps from Kranjska Gora to Tolmin (Soča Valley). This challenging hiking traverse will reward you with mesmerising views of green meadows, deep valleys and, of course, the majestic Mount Triglav. Travel across high passes and through Alpine meadows and recharge at night with delicious mountain cuisine in simple mountain huts.

Julian Alps, Slovenia

The Julian Alps are considered as one of the most beautiful and best for hiking and multi-days, hut to hut trekking tours. Excellent mountain huts, mostly built in the former Century, open their doors to hikers and visitors between June and October. The paths in the Julian Alps are well seen and marked. Julian Alps are magical, unique and seductively beautiful. It is an unspoiled mountain world of high peaks, sharp ridges and mountain lakes. The majority of the Julian Alps belong to the Triglav National Park, which has a task of protecting the unspoiled nature of the area. The Julian Alps are a “must do” – at least once in a life time.


  • Experience breathtaking scenery of high mountain peaks and lakes.
  • Beautiful Triglav National Park and Triglav Lakes Valley.
  • Stay in rustic mountain huts.
  • Walk surrounded by dramatic mountain scenery - The best trekking in Slovenia!
  • Climb Mt Krn (2.244 m) - famous peak from WW1.
  • Explore magic Tolmin Gorges.
  • Visit the picturesque town of Bled with famous lake.
  • Option to ascend Mt Triglav (2864m) – the highest peak of the Julian Alps.


  • Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Activity: Self guided trekking.
  • Grade: Moderate.
  • Accommodation: Hotels ***/**** and Mountain huts.
  • Date: From July 1st to September 30th
  • Booking: Start on any day of the week.
  • Start of the tour: Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.
  • End of the tour: Lake Bled, Slovenia.


At LIFE Adventures we specialise in designing epic tours. We are committed to seeking out the very best in everything for our guests that only the knowledge and experience of our local team can provide. This epic Trekking in Julian Alps is designed by our great team in 2014. In the last six years, more than 150 hikers, lovers of mountains, have waking this epic hut-to-hut trekking tour in Julian Alps.

Story about Julian Alps Traverse:


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Full organisation of the tour.
  • Introductory briefing on day 1.
  • Booklet with detailed itinerary and route instructions, vouchers, contact numbers, ...
  • Maps with marked routes.
  • GPX track (digital track for phone, tabled or Garmin device).
  • Phone APP - digital track.
  • Emergency contact number and 24/7 support.
  • Daily collaboration and tracking on the communication app - additional customer support.
  • 2 nights B&B accommodation in Hotels at Kranjska Gora and Tolmin.
  • 5 nights half-board accommodation in mountain huts (breakfast and dinner).
  • All transfers according to the itinerary (days 2, 7 and 8)
  • 7-day rental of via-ferrata equipment (via-ferrata set, helmet).
  • Tourist tax and VAT.
  • Optional: rent a hiking poles, backpack, basic rain jacket.
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Travel to the start and from the end point of the trip.
  • Food and drinks: lunch on all days (approx. 10–15 €/meal) and dinner when staying in hotels, drinks with all meals.
  • Purchase of single-use sheets at the huts (approx. 5,00 €/set).The use of sleeping sheets is obligatory at the huts.
  • You can either bring your own or buy single-use ones. Blankets are provided free of charge.
  • Luggage transfer between mountain huts (you carry your gear).
  • Items of personal nature.
  • Travel Insurance.


Optional Extras:

  • Single supplement: 180 €
  • Guided ascend of Mt. Triglav on day 5 in the morning: 350 € (max. 4 people / 1 guide).
  • Storage of main luggage for the duration of the tour: 20 €/group.
  1. Day 1 Kranjska Gora
    • Introductory meeting / Hotel, Kranjska Gora
    • Duration: 2-3 hours of walking.
    • Overnight, Hotel***/****, Kranjska Gora.
  2. Day 2 Planica to Vršič Mountain Pass via Tamar Valley
    • Breakfast in hotel.
    • Transfer to Planica.
    • Walking from Planica through Tamar Valley and Slemenova Špica to Vršič Mountain Pass.
    • Duration: 4-6 hours of walking.
    • Elevation: +1000m / -300m
    • Overnight, Poštarski dom na Vršiču (1737 m.)
    • Dinner in Mountain Hut.
  3. Day 3 Vršič to Pogačnik Mountain hut via Mt Razor (2601 m)
    • Breakfast in Mountain Hut.
    • Walking from Poštarski dom na Vršiču via Sedlo Planja (2349 m) to Pogačnikov dom na Kriških Podih (2050 m).
    • Optional: climb to Mt Razor (2601 m).
    • Duration: 5-7 hours of walking.
    • Elevation: +700m / -300m (Optional Mt Razor climb +300m/-300m) - Via ferrata!
    • Overnight, Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih (2050 m)
    • Dinner in Mountain Hut.
  4. Day 4 Pogačnik Mountain hut to Koča na Doliču via Bovški Gamsovec (2.391 m)
    • Breakfast in Mountain Hut.
    • Walking from Pogačnikov dom na Kriških Podih (2050 m) via Bovški Gamsovec (2.391 m) to Koča na Doliču (2151 m).
    • Duration: 5-7 hours of walking.
    • Overnight, Koča na Doliču.
    • Dinner in Mountain Hut.
  5. Day 5 Koča na Doliču to Triglav lakes Valley Hut (1.685 m) via Triglav lakes Valley
    • Breakfast in Mountain Hut.
    • Walking from Koča na Doliču (2151 m) via Triglav Lakes Valley to Koča pri Triglavskih Jezerih (1.685 m)
    • Optional: Mt Triglav Climb (2.864 m)!
    • Duration: 5-6 hours of walking / 8-9 hours with Mount Triglav Climb.
    • Elevation: +200 m / -750 m
    • Overnight, Koča pri Triglavskih Jezerih
    • Dinner in Mountain Hut.
  6. Day 6 Triglav lakes Valley Hut to Krn Lakes Mountain Hut (1.385 m)
    • Breakfast in Mountain Hut.
    • Walking from Koča pri Triglavskih Jezerih via Koča pod Bogatinom (1.513 m) to Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih (1.385 m).
    • Duration: 5-6 hours of walking.
    • Elevation: +200 m / -500 m
    • Overnight, Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih.
    • Dinner in Mountain Hut.
  7. Day 7 Krn Lakes Mountain Hut via Mt Krn (2.244 m) to Tolmin
    • Breakfast in Mountain Hut.
    • Walking from Planinski dom pri Krnskih jezerih via Krn Lakes, Mt Krn (2.244m) to Kuhinja Mountain hut.
    • Duration: 7-8 hours of walking.
    • Private transfer to Tolmin.
    • Afternoon; Famous Tolmin Gorges and Tolmin town walk.
    • Elevation: +1000 m / -2000 m
    • Overnight, Hotel***, Tolmin.
  8. Day 8 Tolmin to Bled
    • Breakfast in Hotel.
    • Private transfer to Most na Soči and by famous train to Lake Bled.
    • Trip concludes.
Walking trail Juliana in Slovenia
3* Hotels and Mountain Huts

Accommodation is in a combination of 3* hotels (comfortable with en-suite) and mountain huts. Mountain huts are basic, generally with excellent mountain views, hearty cuisine and warm atmosphere. In the mountain huts you will generally sleep in dorm rooms with 5-30 people. There are no showers in the mountain huts (with the exception of Komna mountain hut, which you will pass on day 4). Meals can be ordered in hut's dining room. You can purchase picnic lunch supplies in towns before the tour or purchase lunch from accommodation providers the night before. It is always good to have snacks and energy bars with you, particularly when you are staying in the huts where supplies are limited.

Day 1: 3* Hotel in Kranjska Gora (Double/twin room with breakfast).

Day 2: Poštarski dom na Vršiču (1737 m.) / Dormitory room, half-board.

Day 3: Pogačnikov dom na Kriških podih (2050 m) / Dormitory room, half-board.

Day 4: Koča na Doliču (2151 m) / Dormitory room, half-board.

Day 5: Triglav Lakes Mountain Hut (1685 m) / Dormitory room, half-board.

Day 6: Krn Lakes Mountain Hut (1385 m) / Dormitory room, half-board.

Day 7: 3* Hotel in Tolmin (Double/twin room with breakfast).


The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
Planika Mountain Hut

Triglav Lakes Valley Mountain Hut

Appropriate footwear is essential part of any hiking tour. There are a variety of models on the market designed to meet the needs of different types of hikers; the challenge is finding the one that works best for your purposes.

You will often hike on rocky or uneven terrain that calls for a stiff boot with a higher cuff for ankle protection, for both preventing sprained ankles and blocking stony blows to the side of your foot.

Choose hiking boots that have good ankle support and are well protective on a rocky terrain. Hiking boots are typically heavier and have stiffer soles and sides as well as a reinforced, protected toe area.

Those kinds of boots take time to break in. You should not go on multi-day trekking with brand new boots!! Before you hit the trail, make sure to break them in properly, to avoid serious blisters and other unnecessary pain.

Most meals and drinks in mountain huts have regular prices, but water, soft drinks and beer are more expensive than in the valleys.

Here are some examples:

Coffee - 2 eur / 1,5l bottled water - 4,40 eur / Beer - 4 eur

Goulash - 8 eur / Veggie/meat stew - 6 eur / Sandwich - 4,50 eur

Please note that the huts don't accept credit card payments! Cash only.


Here is a list of what is good to have for a climb in summer months:

  • Shoes –  hiking boots with ankle support.
  • Socks – coolmax.
  • Jacket – wind & waterproof, softshell.
  • Long, comfortable pants.
  • Underwear  with good evaporation.
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, any other sun protection.
  • Water bottle (preferably reusable) not bigger than 1 litre.
  • Food - snacks, granola bars, chocolate (optional - can be bought at mountain huts).
  • Backpack – lightweight, strong and durable material, adjustable straps (size: approximately 60-70l).
  • Hiking poles (optional).

Never underestimate extreme and unpredictable mountain weather. Come prepared for any weather conditions. Keep in mind that you will spend your days high in the mountains. Even on hottest summer days, the weather in the mountains can change quickly. Thunderstorms are relatively common in July and August. They develop rather quickly, but usually build up in the late afternoons and evenings, so it is best to start hikes early in the morning.

The climbing season for hiking in the high Julian Alps is from July through September. Summer weather in the mountains is quite cool; when it’s pushing 30°C on the Slovenian plains, it may be just 10°C above 2000 meters. It often drops below freezing at night, and snow may persist in nooks and crannies throughout the year. Weather on the mountain is highly variable, bringing unexpected wind, rain and even snow.

The hike is considered a challenging activity with an optional demanding climb to Mt. Triglav. Although certain parts of a trail may seem easy due to low incline, they do demand high level of endurance and can be challenging for those, who are not used to longer hikes. The optional climb to the summit of Mt. Triglav is via ferrata (italian for “iron way”), which is an extremely steep climb on steel ladders and steel wires and is not recommended for people, who are not in good physical condition or are afraid of heights. The climb is also not recommended for children younger than 15 years and pregnant women.  

  • All travellers are required to notify us before booking the tour of  any medical conditions they might be suffering from, as well as  dietary restrictions. All medications can and should be brought along. If you suffer from any medical conditions, we strongly suggest that you consult your physician before booking a tour to receive an expert medical advice. We are more than happy to discuss and recommend the most suitable adventure for you based on your conditions, but cannot carry a responsibility for your health.
  • Do not bring  too much water – 1 ,5 litre/person is enough. The path passes by mountain huts where you can get a refill and you will be able to enjoy fresh mountain spring water found a couple of times along a way, which is a special treat on its own.
  • There is no need to bring food, as all food can be purchased in mountain huts you will pass by. We do however suggest you bring some small snacks. Our favourites: a chocolate bar (chocolate is a great energy booster!), granola bars, an apple, a banana, raisins.
  • And last but not least: everyone, who climbs Slovenian peaks, hikes Alpine meadows, or takes a dip in crystal clear rivers, must understand and remember that Slovenians hold nature very close to their hearts and are as a nation devoted to protecting its beauty and health. Please, respect mountains and valleys, don’t litter, do not be wasteful, or loud, do not pick flowers along a hiking path, keep away from wild animals. And enjoy the pristine nature that is all around you!

We suggest that you travel with a comprehensive travel insurance, including emergency evacuation coverage. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that includes cancellation protection so that you will be covered in the event that you are unable to attend our trip (due to injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances). We do not provide travel insurance for our clients. Please contact your local travel agent to purchase travel insurance. As coverage and a price of the insurance changes depending on your travel destination, do make sure that you purchase a coverage for all countries you will be traveling in on your adventure.

If you choose to climb Mt. Triglav and/or Mt. Razor, you will be provided with full via-ferrata climbing equipment (helmet, harness and self-belaying device) / supplement 30eur/person

Upon request you can also be provided with hiking backpack and/or walking poles.

Overall Rating
Paul J. F. & Ian M.
Reviewed On 28/09/2020

We completed the Julian Alps traverse in September 2020. The support we received from Life Adventures was excellent prior to and during our hike. The communication with us was always good which was particularly important due to changes forced upon us by COVID-19 issues. We loved the hike itself and tremendously enjoyed the challenges we faced in what is a different but serious hiking environment. There are great views to every day. This hike is for experienced hikers with a good level of fitness, who enjoy remaining in the mountains every day and the pleasure taken in the such views.

Naomi C,
Reviewed On 04/11/2019

Stunning scenery on our hike. Well organised and the hosts at all the accommodation in mountain and the office were very friendly and helpful. They organised our room upgrade, extra nights and transfers which made our trip seamless. Slovenia is incredibly beautiful

Andreas N.
Reviewed On 19/07/2019

This hike was incredible. The country and national park are simply stunning. All info was given before/upon arrival, and any questions were answered promptly. Highly recommend!

Henrik C.
Reviewed On 16/07/2019

The hike was amazing. Fortunately the weather was perfect, it was still early in the season, the tracks were quiet. The huts are good and the meals are substantial. There are plenty of chances to socialise with fellow travellers at each huts.

Kirsten F.
Reviewed On 09/07/2019

I booked a self-guided tour through the Julian Alps with Life Adventures through Tour Radar. Before arriving, I was given everything I needed to prep, and my questions were always answered promptly and in full. Once I arrived in Kranjska Gora, I was briefed for the hike and given all vouchers and info. The hike was incredible, and the staff were all really helpful when I had questions. All the accommodation and food was great, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was a great challenge and the views were incredible!