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We are an adventure travel holiday specialist. We are simply here to share with you our love of most amazing places.

Specialists for self guided tours

We are specialists for self guided tours and adventure holidays throughout Croatia, Slovenia, north-east Italy, south-west Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, with creative itineraries that feature the best of each region at the greatest possible value to you.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Outdoor Adventure and the organization of extraordinary self guided trips, we at LIFE Adventures feel safe to say we know how to push boundaries together with our customers.

Happy to Explore

We believe that a life outdoors is a life well lived. We've been sharing our passion for the outdoors since 1998. Our way is to provide unique experiences, adventure tours and holidays coexisting with nature.

At LIFE Adventures, we are fascinated with local characteristics and pure nature. We inspire you to feel the nature and live life to the fullest through self guided tours and outdoor adventure experiences. Our tours are an opportunity to refresh your perception of the world and connect with local people.

Our Self Guided Tours

We created more than 40 different self guided tours.

Self Guided Tours

Our self-guided tours offer the same quality, style, service and comforts of our guided trips. The only difference is that with self-guided… you are the guide. And perhaps best of all, you don’t do any work to put it together. Our self guided walking, trekking, cycling, mountain biking, gravel biking, multi activities and culinary tours are truly the best of both worlds. You travel on your terms with all the help and support (24/7) you need so you can focus on what matters to you the most.

There are more than 40 different itineraries on offer, lasting as little as one day or as many as 14 days throughout Croatia, Slovenia, north-eastern Italy, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro. The physical demands of the tours range from introductory to challenging. All tours offer unique opportunities to discover the undiscovered parts regions and countries, spanning postcard landscapes, centuries-old culture, rural lifestyles and tempting culinary delights. In short, they are flexible, unique adventures of ‘undiscovered’ corners that offer a great deal of independence, yet provide support when you need it. Best of all, they start on virtually any day of the week, so you can combine any tour to create the exact holiday you want.

Our goal is to provide the finest self guided tours and holidays.

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Living Life

We are a team, which passionately believes that Adventure Travel makes the World a better place. We’re proud to design one of the finest Outdoor Adventure companies – by and for the people who love to ride bikes, walk, to explore. We made our story for people just like you and we invite you to join us for an amazing experience.

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